Wednesday, November 9, 2011



1 k beef's heart,cut into cubes
1 k beef's lung,cut into cubes
1 head garlic,chooped
1 onions,chopped
1 read bell pepper,diced
1 raddish,diced
3 sili hot or chili powder or chili paste
1 Tbsp annatto powder
1/4 c catsup
1/4 vinegar
1 tsp fresh ground pepper
3 Tbsp cooking oil
1 sachet seasoning powder
1 c water or broth
salt or patis to taste

Heat oil,add annatto powder then add garlic and onion.
Put beef's heart and lung,stir in so it willl get distributed well.
Season with pepper,patis,powder seasoning,chili paste, stir.
Pour in vinegar and water,simmer until almost the broth evaporates.
Add raddish and bell pepper,stir- in catsup until well combine.
Cook about 3 - 5 minutes.
Adjust seasoning according to your taste.
When cooked,transfer into sizzling plate.

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